Lake Hovsgol

On the shore of Lake Hovsgol

Lake Hovsgol, Hovsgol National Park

One of the clearest lakes in the world, Lake Hovsgol has the nickname "Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia". Mongolia's largest fresh water lake is 125 km long and plunges to over 250 m. Due to its size the water is very cold, and remains ice-covered until well into June.

Carpet of Fireweed, Lake Hovsgol

Carpet of fireweed, Lake Hovsgol

The mountains around Lake Hovsgol are carpeted in wildflowers during Mongolia's brief summer.

Gers on the shores of Lake Hovsgol

Gers on the shores of Lake Hovsgol

Although most of the shores of Lake Hovsgol are forested, there are a few herders who take advantage of the area's lush meadows.

Khoridol Saridag mountains west of Lake Hovsgol

The Khoridol Saridag mountains to the west of Lake Hovsgol rise up to 3,000m.



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