Jasper National Park

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At over 11,000km2, this is the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies, and the fifth largest in the country. With glaciers, jagged peaks, remote valleys, and 1,000 km of trails, this park has it all. While not as renowned as its better-known neighbour, Banff, it is more serene, quiet and a bit off the beaten track. Jasper fans tend to like it that way.

Hiking through Jonas Pass, Jasper National Park

Jonas Pass. View more photos of Jasper National Park


Indian Ridge, Jasper National ParkIndian Ridge

Windy Point, Celestine Road, Jasper National ParkWindy Point, Celestine Road

Panorama of Jonas Shoulder, Jasper National ParkJonas Shoulder after an August snowstorm.

Side valley of Beaver lakeGiant rock slide in a side valley of Beaver Lake in winter

Majestic Ridge, Tonquin Valley in winterMajestic Ridge in the Tonquin Valley

Auroras under a full moon at Pyramid Island, Jasper National ParkAuroras under moonlight at Pyramid Island