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Great bear watching experience

Check out this video of watching grizzlies in the northern Yukon. The footage was shot with a simple Flip camera – it only has a wide-angle lens, no zoom at all. You get amazingly close to the bears. This amazing experience is offered by Bear Cave Mountain Tours in Ni’iinlii Njik Territorial Park.

Great stories about Nunavut

We just published a set of great stories about Nunavut – in celebration of the territory’s 10th anniversary on April 1.

My favourite one is the story on Quttinirpaaq National Park on northern Ellesmere Island. Would love to go there some day!

New York Times destinations of the year 2009

The NYT just published their trips of the year again. This time, 44 destinations, but none in Canada. Some odd choices, but also some good ones, like Bhutan.

Cruise ship stranded in Antarctic

Another cruise ship has stranded in the Antarctic on Thursday: the Ushuaia ran aground with 122 passengers on board. It is said not to be in danger of sinking. Passengers will be transferred to another ship in the area.

Just a year ago, the MV Explorer sank in Antarctic waters after hitting an iceberg.

Canada’s beaches

Beach at Point Lance, NewfoundlandWho says Canada doesn’t have great beaches? This gorgeous sandy beach is at Point Lance on the southern Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland.

And Canadian Geographic Travel magazine posted a story on Canada’s top 25 beaches this spring.

Top 15 adventure towns in the world

Matador online travel magazine just published a list of the top 15 adventure towns in the world. Vancouver was listed 2nd, just below Valdez AK.

TripAdvisor’s good causes

TripAdvisor has pledged to donate $1 million to five great causes. You vote for a cause, and they divvy up the money according to the popularity of the cause. Great idea.

Now what is interesting is that so far the two relief agencies, Doctors without Borders and Save the Children, get about 35% of the votes each, The Nature Conservancy about 17%, and National Geographic and Conservation International only about 5-7% each.

You would think that among travellers the conservation organizations would score higher. But I guess that among mainstream travellers, humanitarian aid is still much more popular than sustainable tourism.

Go ahead and vote yourself.

Rough Guides gets into the Web 2.0 sphere

Earlier this year, Ideahatching reported on an article that described how the British travel publisher Rough Guides is using new web technologies to extend its brand reach. Interesting read. Rough Guides is not as well-known as Lonely Planet, and doesn’t have the same reach, but their guides tend to be of excellent quality.

Top 50 wellness destinations

National Geographic Traveler magazine recently covered the top 50 wellness destinations in the world. Canada got two entries:

Carmichael Inn & Spa: An island of calm in downtown Ottawa.

Hollyhock Spa: A “refuge for the soul,” a retreat on British Columbia’s Cortes Island.

Lonely Planet Traveler’s Pulse

Lonely Planet has just released its 2008 traveler’s pulse survey. As part of the survey, respondents ranked the country they were most likely to visit next. The US came out on top, followed by Australia. Canada came in ninth. This is an improvement from 2007, when Canada did not make the top ten. In the question of what is your favourite country among those that you have visited, Canada also came in ninth (both in 2007 and 2008), with Australia and Italy leading the list.