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Kayaking around South Georgia to save the albatross

in 2007 I reported on my friend Hayley Shepard’s plan to kayak around South Georgia islands – solo – to raise awareness for the plight of the albatross, a critically endangered species. After several years of planning she is finally on her way in January. You can follow her South Georgia journey on her blog, or donate at her main South Georgia expedition website.

Alexander Keith Brewery

A local institution: Alexander Keith Brewery in Halifax. And enjoy the International Busker Festival on Halifax’s waterfront!


How is beer canned?

Watch how they can beer in a micro brewery in the Yukon. It will make your appreciate your next can of beer so much more!

Cultural tourism bigger than believed

A new study that is the first of its kind confirms that cultural and heritage tourism is “huge — and bigger than many people thought in terms of economic impact. The study shows that 78 percent of all US leisure travelers (118.3 million adults) participate in cultural and/or heritage activities while traveling.

Floatplane video

Fly through the mountains of the Yukon by floatplane. Great footage of an iconic Canadian experience.

Build a lobster trap, play the ugly stick

Want to know what a Newfoundland ugly stick is? Did you always want to build a lobster trap? Or what it is like to ride a ferry in a 40 knot gale? Find out from our new CTC travel docos!


Contiki is promoting yet another travel trend: nearvacations. These are nearby or local outings, for people who want to venture a little further from home than a staycation. Makes sense in a recession.

Arctic adventure company

I just came across this Toronto-based company – Arctic Kingdom –  that has been leading one-of-a-kind adventures into the arctic. Looks like an interesting operator.

User generated content

Newfoundland’s ads are great, but here is a great kayaking with whales video. The video is OK, but the commentary is priceless.

Inspiring Icelandic music

This music video reminded me very much of this year’s Newfoundland and Labrador tourism ads. Since I love Newfoundland, I know I will love Iceland…