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Parks Canada has launched a new marketing campaign

Parks Canada recently launched a new marketing campaign to encourage Canadians to visit our national parks and national historic sites.  They also announced a fee freeze as part of the campaign, and revealed some new branding elements.

Where is everyone?

This article gives a great timeline of the evolution of our information sources. Good food for thought for targeting your messages.

Winner of best job in the world chosen

The success of Tourism Queensland’s Best Job in the World competition just does not end! they chose the winner today – someone from the UK. Once again the most read article on BBC News. Now the question is, will this actually lead to additional visitors to Queensland? If not, then at least everyone knows where Hamilton island is!

National Geographic Traveler Magazine Stay list for 2009

National Geographic Traveler Magazine published its second annual stay list. Thirteen Canadian properties made the list, and Clayoquot Resort in BC got the front cover of the survey.

Sustainable inns in Cape Breton

CBC Radio Nova Scotia recently broadcast a good piece on the two Cape Breton Inns (Real audio, 7 mins) that made the list of top places to stay in National Geographic Traveler Magazine this April – the Chantarelle Inn and the Crown Jewel Resort. The piece provides a  good summary of the kinds of inns and hotels that we look for to bring Canada’s tourism brand to life.

Alberta uses UK beach in its promo video

The British press is having a lot of fun with a promotional ad for Alberta, which features a beach in Northhumberland. Not a wise thing to do when you are trying to promote your province. On the other hand, it has generated quite a lot of press coverage of Alberta in the UK. Who knows if it generated some interest. The tourism folks in Northhumberland are certainly very happy with the attention!

Tourism Café podcasts

Nancy Arsenault, Celes Devar and Todd Lucier run, a blog on experiential travel. They hold regular podcasts; this week’s podcast is live from their Edge of the Wedge course in Newfoundland. Lots of great questions – and answers – about developing experiences.

Limits to tourism in the Antarctic

The countries that signed the Antarctica treaty have agreed to limit tourism in the region. This will limit the size of cruise ships in the area, and the number of people allowed on shore at any one time. The agreement also spells out new safety guidelines. All this is excellent news for the fragile ecosystem.  Full article.

Follow-up on Queensland campaign

A while ago I talked about the brilliant Queensland “Best Job on Earth” campaign. Here are some stats. Pretty impressive!

New Newfoundland and Labrador marketing campaign

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism has just launched its 2009 marketing campaign. They came up with some pretty impressive ads. They’re not quite the Canada. Keep Exploring brand, but nevertheless, evoke a lot of emotion about Newfoundland and Labrador. See also this article in the Globe with some background on the campaign.
the ads: