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My favourite hunting sign

Hunting sign in NewfoundlandI came across this sign just outside of Greenland, Newfoundland. Think twice before walking on this trail in hunting season. You may become someone’s prey!




Increasing camera resolution

The resolution of digital cameras is improving quickly, but this also means that one always owns an outdated camera. PhotoAcute is a relatively new piece of software that helps improve the resolution of any camera, even camera phones. After taking several photos of the same subject, preferably on a tripod with a high-speed drive, the software combines data from all images to greatly improve detail, sharpness, depth of field, and exposure. It also decreases noise and chromatic aberration. You can even use the software to remove unwanted moving people from the image. Very cool.

Amazing pictures of Peru

My good friend Will just returned from an amazing trip to Peru. He’s posted some of his photos. He covered a bewildering variety of habitats in just over a month! Now PEru will have to climb up on my list of places to visit.

Winning photo

Young explorerI was lucky enough to shoot a winning photo for the recent BC Parks/CPAWS photo contest. My photo “young explorer” in Golden Ears Provincial Park won 1st prize in the Family and fun category, and two other entries, “First Lake reflections” and “Fall spendour” were among the 13 finalists.