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Foldable kayaks

Along with the Alpaca rafts, The Trak Kayak also gets a spot in the category of cool outdoor gear. I grea up with foldable Klepper kayaks, but they took a while to set up, they had a lot of parts, and we punctured  the boats many times on the rocls of Belgian rivers.  Fast forward 30 years, and enter this very cool foldable kayak. Made of very durable material and only seven pieces, it sets up in 5-10 mins.

And what is extra cool is the hydraulic steering mechanism. You can hydraulically alter the shape of the boat to change direction, or paddle in a sidewind. Now, how cool is that? The $5000 pricetag is a bit of a problem, though…Trak kayak

Alpaca rafts

Alpaca raftThere is lots of great outdoor gear out there, but every so often a really cool new toy comes along. Alpaca rafts qualify for the “real cool” label. They are small, ultralight inflatable rafts. Why are they cool? Because they allow you to hike through remote areas, and cross large rivers along the way in style. Especially in the north this is pretty useful. Check out the kinds of trips people dream up with these.

Keep an eye on Nau

Until now, Patagonia has been the leader in environmental conciousness in the world of outdoor gear. That is about to change, if the folks over at Nau have their way. This new Portland, Ore based company is making outdoor clothes out of recycled pop bottles and corn-based fibers. To top it off, they plan to donate 5% of their profits to charities (Patagonia currently donates 1%). The company still faces a lot of challenges, but they just may pull it off. At least their clothes look pretty cool. They plan to open a slew of stores in the coming years. No word about expansion into Canada as of yet, though.

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