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Top 50 wellness destinations

National Geographic Traveler magazine recently covered the top 50 wellness destinations in the world. Canada got two entries:

Carmichael Inn & Spa: An island of calm in downtown Ottawa.

Hollyhock Spa: A “refuge for the soul,” a retreat on British Columbia’s Cortes Island.

Winnepeg beats out Ottawa for longest skating rink

Ottawa may boast that it has the world’s longest skating rink on the Rideau Canal, but this year Winnipeg has beat them with their new nine km long rink. They’re expecting 20,000 skaters this weekend, while Ottawa has only been able to open a short 1km stretch, due to the warm weather.

It’s great to see that Canada has the two longest skating rinks. Of course, if ever it would freeze again in the Netherlands, they could easily beat either city. When there is ice, half the country is turned into one massive skating rink! Just a shame that they haven’t had much decent ice in the past few years.

Town goes wild over a sleeping giant

CBC just aired a special on Canada’s Seven Wonders, and featured the Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay. With twice as many votes as its nearest competitor, and considering it’s an island hardly anyone has ever heard about, one wonders what happened. Well, the nomination seems to have woken up all of Thunder Bay. The entire town got behind the nomination, and everyone voted, and voted, and voted.

Everyone feels that if the giant makes it to the final seven, it will be a real boon for the area’s tourism industry. Which it can use, as its economy has been sagging as of late. Which is what I suspected already.

Sleddog adventures in Ontario

The folks over at Gadling have caught on to sleddog vacations as well: they discovered Winterdance Sleddog tours in Haliburton ON, just south of Algonquin Park, and a list of lodges in Ontario offering sleddog tours. Ontario also has a sleddog racing series, although the poor snow conditions this year have led to race cancellations.