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Marketing Nunavut

Nunavut is one of my favourite destinations in Canada, so I am always happy to promote the territory. Here is an interesting post on the challenges Tourism Nunavut faces in marketing such a remote destination on a small budget.

High Arctic

Although Canada’s high arctic is a polar desert, drier than the Sahara, it teems with life. In some areas the ocean remains ice-free year-round. These areas, known as polynyas, support massive seabird colonies. In other places, a warmer micro climate supports lush vegetation, creating arctic oases, such as Truelove Lowland on Devon Island.

Trekking in the high arctic

Few people think of trekking in the high arctic, but Black Feather now offers a 60km trek through Katannilik Territorial Park on southern Baffin, not far from Iqaluit. There is a surprising abundance of flora, and also lots of wildlife. As a bonus, the trip ends with a country meal hosted by a local family, addding a cultural touch to the trip.