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Sable Island

One of Canada’s most isolated islands is wind-swept Sable island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. It is famously difficult to visit the island, but I was surprised to read that there are in fact a few residents. And one of them, Zoe Lucas, even maintains a website with everything you ever wanted to know about Sable Island.

Adding this one to my list of must-goes in Canada.

Alexander Keith Brewery

A local institution: Alexander Keith Brewery in Halifax. And enjoy the International Busker Festival on Halifax’s waterfront!


Sustainable inns in Cape Breton

CBC Radio Nova Scotia recently broadcast a good piece on the two Cape Breton Inns (Real audio, 7 mins) that made the list of top places to stay in National Geographic Traveler Magazine this April – the Chantarelle Inn and the Crown Jewel Resort. The piece provides a  good summary of the kinds of inns and hotels that we look for to bring Canada’s tourism brand to life.

Joggins Fossil Cliffs on world heritage site list

UNESCO has added the Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia to its list of natural World Heritage sites. It is Canada’s 15th World Heritage site.


Lobsterpalooza is a new festival in Cape Breton:

Cape Breton’s newest festival – Lobsterpalooza – offers 185 miles of seafood and seafaring traditions presented during 35 days of springtime feasts and fun. The Cabot Trail is launching this unique and memorable event which has something from the sea for visitors and residents alike!

The 2008 Lobster Palooza Festival  will  highlights activities based in our spectacular nature, our rich culture and our talented people. Looking for a true taste of Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail? Visit in the spring when our toe-tapping music combines with our range of culinary delights; the result is the vacation of a lifetime.

See their 101 things to do and feature articles.

Planning a trip to the East Coast – V

Nova Scotia’s materials may have come in last (last week, so still pretty quick), but they were not to be outdone by the others. A thick explorer’s guide and a map (yeah!) in one envelope, and a CD and other guide in a second envelope. Once again, it looks like a very comprehensive package. Goes to show that even in the age of the Internet, destinations still spend considerable efforts to produce excellent paper-based materials.

Now I would be ready to really start planning my trip, but… it looks like we have to postpone until next year, as we have to go on a family visit to Europe. Other than plane tickets, there is not much to organize for that trip.

So I have taken the provinces’ materials into the office, where they come in very handy while researching top experiences for the country.