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Taking advantage of Earth Hour

The World Wildlife Fund asks the world to make a difference on Saturday March 29, from 8-9PM, by turning off the lights for one hour through its Earth Hour project. The Fairmont Algonquin in New Brunswick is asking its guests to do their part in support of the project. It could just have asked people to turn off a few lights, but I don’t think that would have had a big impact. Instead, it is offering a ghost tour through the historic building at this time (very appropriate!), as well as candlelight dinners. It will also turn off as many lights as possible, replacing them with candles.

Suddenly, earth hour has become a unique experience! A great example of some creative marketing, while supporting a good cause at the same time. The only disappointing aspect of the campaign is that there is no mention of this event on the hotel’s website. A major oversight, I’d say. They should have issues a media release, and added it to their website.

Planning a trip to the East Coast – II

Yesterday the first two guides arrived: New Brunswick and Newfoundland. I was happily surprised about the speed: one week.

Good: Newfoundland came with an excellent map. Bad: New Brunswick didn’t. So I will have a harder time figuring out where to go in new Brunswick I wasn’t able to select a map for New Brunswick, so no surprise there was no map.

Excellent: the format of the Newfoundland guide. Small, booklet style, thick. It looks like a travel guide more than a traditional vacation guide. Some ads, but tastefully hidden among the editorial and listings. The format surprised me the minute I picked it up. Better yet: the contents: some ideas what to do in 5 days – itineraries, experiences. And very nicely laid out.

Not as good: the New Brunswick guide has all the info, but laid out as a traditional vacation guide with lots of ads. Harder to separate the editorial from the ads.

Good: Today PEI sent me an e-newsletter. Nice touch, useful content. Let’s hope the vacation guide follows soon.