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This video on icefishing is so classically Canadian! It totally reinforces stereotypes, but it’s great.

Alexander Keith Brewery

A local institution: Alexander Keith Brewery in Halifax. And enjoy the International Busker Festival on Halifax’s waterfront!


Behind the scenes at Terra Nova National Park

This fun video takes people behind the scenes of ecological monitoring at Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador. Goes to show that park biologists can have some fun too!

How is beer canned?

Watch how they can beer in a micro brewery in the Yukon. It will make your appreciate your next can of beer so much more!

Cultural tourism bigger than believed

A new study that is the first of its kind confirms that cultural and heritage tourism is “huge — and bigger than many people thought in terms of economic impact. The study shows that 78 percent of all US leisure travelers (118.3 million adults) participate in cultural and/or heritage activities while traveling.

Floatplane video

Fly through the mountains of the Yukon by floatplane. Great footage of an iconic Canadian experience.

Taste Yukon fireweed honey

Learn how fireweed honey is made up in the Yukon. Discover Dredge #4, one of the behemoths that dredged the Klondike for gold. Find ancient mammoth tusks among the permafrost. View these and more of our latest travel docos from the Yukon!

Build a lobster trap, play the ugly stick

Want to know what a Newfoundland ugly stick is? Did you always want to build a lobster trap? Or what it is like to ride a ferry in a 40 knot gale? Find out from our new CTC travel docos!

Coastal Village project in Squamish facing bankruptcy

Another condo development in Squamish is facing bankruptcy. The developers at Point of View Developments – builders of the Soleil and Aqua in the Coastal Village project in Squamish, BC – are going bankrupt at the cost of the pre-sale owners. Anyone who owns a pre-sale condo should call Harper Grey LLP in Vancouver to help protect their rights.

Canada is 4th best place to live

The UN released its annual HDI report today; Canada is the 4th best place to live this year, after Norway, Australia and Iceland (down from #3 last year). However, the data used for the rankings were from 2007, well before the collapse of the financial system in Iceland. Iceland would probably not rank that high with current data.