Jasper Dark Sky Preserve largest in the world

Jasper National Park was declared the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve today. Dark Sky Preserves (DSP) are areas designated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) that promote responsible lighting, offer public observing sites for quality night sky viewing, and have active and engaging public outreach programs about astronomy and responsible lighting. They also demonstrate leadership in responsible lighting within their facilities. Including Jasper, there are currently 11 sites in Canada that have received DSP designation. This is more than all of the other DSPs in the world combined.

Jasper is not only the biggest DSP in the world, but also larger than all other preserves combined. The park offers great night sky observation opportunities, such as this halo around a moon on a cold winter night just outside of the town of Jasper. More information about observation sites, clear sky forecasts and maps can be found on jasperdarksky.org.

Halo around the moon over Whistler mountain, Jasper National Park.

» Jasper Dark Sky Preserve largest in the world


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