Sable Island

One of Canada’s most isolated islands is wind-swept Sable island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. It is famously difficult to visit the island, but I was surprised to read that there are in fact a few residents. And one of them, Zoe Lucas, even maintains a website with everything you ever wanted to know about Sable Island.

Adding this one to my list of must-goes in Canada.

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  • By Jennifer Modigliani, March 5, 2011 @ 5:00

    It might interest you that I am taking a tour to Sable Island and the Gully Marine Reserve in late June of this year 2011. See: and click on “tour schedule” then Sable Island and “view brochure.” This tour is extremely popular and will be re-run in August, and next year. The most common means of visiting Sable Island is by air, but this presents numerous problems. The Gully Marine Reserve, 25 miles away, has virtually never been visited by tourists.

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