Usability of online forms

Online forms can be notoriously user unfriendly. Often you fill out a long form, and press submit, only to find out afterwards that it didn’t like one of your entries. To make matters worse, the error messages can be so cryptic that it takes a few tries to get it right. Today I finally came across a form that gets it right: the form to sign up for a Starbucks account checks each textbox for errors as you fill it out and displays a check mark as you got it right. And it provides some help with entries, such as the proper format for a phone number. Easy. If all forms only were this straightforward.

Oh, and you get two hours of free wireless for the effort of signing up – and a free birthday drink. A good customer experience all around.

Is social media a fad?

Here are two videos that make you wonder about social media:

1. It is more serious than a fad

2. there ARE people who are truly addicted to being online.

Grouse Mountain wind turbine

Vancouver gained another icon this weekend: a 65-m tall wind turbine on the top of Grouse Mountain. It is the first wind turbine in BC, and expected to produce enough electricity to power 400 homes, which is 20-25% of Grouse mountain’s electricity needs. The unique aspect of the turbine is the small observation pod near the top – the first of its kind in the world. An elevator inside the tower will take visitors to the pod, from which they will have a stunning 360 degree view over the city and mountains. Smart idea; this creates another (unique) tourist attraction on the mountain, and provides education about renewable energy sources. It will be fully operational in time for the Olympics.

Lunch as an experience

Lunch provided by OnePlanet catering

Usually lunches that are provided at a meeting are same old, same old: some sandwiches wrapped in plastic, or with some luck a salad. Certainly nothing to remember, or write about. Enter Oneplanet catering. These guys deliver lunches in slick wooden boxes, which reveal fresh sandwiches, a salad, and desert, all made from fresh and local ingredients. And note the real cutlery and napkin, and especially the little turtles for salt and pepper.

Now this is a lunch to remember. Highly recommended.

Lunch provided by OnePlanet catering