Monkman Pass Memorial Trail

The Monkman Pass Memorial Trail was opened recently in Northern BC. This 63-km long trail follows the route that Alex Monkman and his band of pioneers established in the 1930s. Most of this little-known, but spectacular trail is in Monkman Provincial Park, leading from Kinuseo Falls over the Rocky Mountains to Hobi’s Cabin on the Herrick River. There are very few facilities along the route – this is a true wilderness experience.

Details can be found in the Monkman Trail brochure.

Canada’s tourism brand reaches number two in the world

FutureBrand just ranked Canada number two in the world in its latest nation brand index. The story received wide coverage in the Canadian media. This clip from CTV explains our latest marketing campaign around our brand a bit more. Our Brand Experiences team played a central role in this campaign – we manage our tourism brand, we find the great travel experiences that bring our brand to life, and we direct the global marketing campaign. It is great to receive such recognition for our work from the outside.

Australian e-marketing toolkit

Australia leads the way in many tourism initiatives, and they recently released another useful toolkit: the Tourism E-kit. Published by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, it aims to help Australian small tourism operators take better advantage of the Web for their business.Although aimed at Australia, the 250-page toolkit would be useful for any tour operator trying to improve their website.