Rough Guides gets into the Web 2.0 sphere

Earlier this year, Ideahatching reported on an article that described how the British travel publisher Rough Guides is using new web technologies to extend its brand reach. Interesting read. Rough Guides is not as well-known as Lonely Planet, and doesn’t have the same reach, but their guides tend to be of excellent quality.

Devon Island glacier expedition

My friend Andrew Hamilton just returned from an expedition to the Belcher Glacier on NE Devon Island (use IE to view the photos). Some pretty cool photos. I worked at Cape Vera, on the other end of Devon, in 1984. Always wanted to return…

Mountain lists

There are several good resource sites for the world’s (and Canada’s) mountains: The goal of this web page is to host the most comprehensive collection of peak lists in the world. This website is designed to provide definitive lists of summits organized around the concept of topographic prominence.  Peaklist does not attempt to list every mountain in the world; rather it introduces original and complete research in specific geographical regions, contributed by a wide number of researchers.  Encyclopedia of Canadian mountains.  It is run by members who are hikers and climbers who do a terrific job in building perhaps the best encyclopedia of mountains available for Canada. Membership costs $25 per year.

Trail running the West Coast Trail

Most people take 5-7 days to walk the West Coast Trail, enjoying the scenery along the way. But Wanetta Beal is the first woman to run the trail in less than 24 hours, 19 hours and 13 minutes, to be exact. Oh, and the record time is 10 hours 13 min, set in 1997. Crazy.

Who owns paradise?

From a report on Travelmole:

The Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development (CESD) has announced the publication of the new edition of Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise? by CESD Co-Director, Dr. Martha Honey.

First published in 1999, “Who Owns Paradise?” has been highly acclaimed as a comprehensive study of both the theory and practice of ecotourism.
In the new edition, Honey updates her original chapter-length case studies on Costa Rica, the Galapagos, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, and South Africa, and adds a fascinating new chapter – the first ever analysis of ecotourism in the United States.

Lost hikers rescued in the Stein valley

Two poorly prepared hikers were rescued in the Stein Valley yesterday. Luckily neither were harmed, but it shows that this is no hike for the faint of heart. it turned out they didn’t have appropriate clothing for the high altitude, didn’t tell anyone of their exact trip plan, and most importantly, didn’t have a map or GPS. The alpine area to the west of the Stein Valley is extremely rugged, with barely a trail. The area just outside of the park is more a route, that requires advanced route finding skills. Going into this area without a map and compass and/or GPS is a recipe for disaster.

Top 50 wellness destinations

National Geographic Traveler magazine recently covered the top 50 wellness destinations in the world. Canada got two entries:

Carmichael Inn & Spa: An island of calm in downtown Ottawa.

Hollyhock Spa: A “refuge for the soul,” a retreat on British Columbia’s Cortes Island.