North coast trail close to opening

It’s been five years in the making, but it’s finally nearing completion: Vancouver Island’s north coast trail. Stretching 43 km from near port Hardy to Cape Scott, it is said to give the West Coast Trail a run for its money when it comes to scenery. It doesn’t have as many cable cars and ladders as the WCT, but there is one 200-rung ladder to keep you in shape.

The new Wild Coast Magazine has a feature article on the trail, including a two-page North Coast Trail map. The trail is slated to open sometime this year. I will need to arrange some holidays to walk this trail as soon as it actually opens.

Feedback on Bay of Fundy blog

Terri McCullough, the blogger behind the Bay of Fundy Tourism blog, just commented on my posting about her site. She confirms what I mention in my talks about Web 2.0 websites: it is easy and cheap to get on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, even for small tourism organizations and operators. If you are a specialist in your area, then you should be blogging about it!

Chilcotin alpine experience

Nuk Tessli alpine experience

Nuk Tessli is a fly-in alpine eco-adventure on the edge of Tweedsmuir Provincial park, run by German-born author Chris Czajkowski. She operates rustic cabins on the shore Whitton lake. The alpine hiking possibilities from her base are endless.

Chris has written several books about her experiences. Aside from hiking, she also offers volunteer stays to help her out with heavy work. Sign me up!