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I gave a presentation on content at the Content Convergence conference last week. The main topic of the day was Web 2.0 websites. While everyone is trying to jump onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon, my argument is that on of the better “Web 2.0” websites is the one from Nahanni River Expeditions. The only thing it still misses is a blog. The website has a lot of very useful content, incuding pictures, videos and maps of all trips, user testimonials, etc. It’s a great site, and wasn’t even conceived specifically to be a Web 2.0 site. It won the Yahoo! Big Chair award at the E-connect conference in November.

Another good example of a small tourism organization that jumped onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon in a simple but effective way is Bay of Fundy tourism. They started a blog, written by one of their staff who lives right there. It has significantly increased traffic to their site. Great example of a simple way to improve your site.

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  • By Terri McCulloch, March 17, 2008 @ 7:00

    Hey Rogier,
    Thanks for the mention of my blog in reference to Web 2.0. I’ve been blogging Bay of Fundy now since the crest of the blogging wave hit, Sept 06. It’s been an amazing adventure. The blog, it seems, has great value for both prospective visitors to the Bay (as I thought it would) but, someone unexpectedly, as a way of enhancing and unifying messaging about the Bay for those of us who live and work around it (particularly in tourism). Questions and comments from our blog visitors have been wildly illuminating and are now significantly impacting a complete refurbishment of our Fundy website, with many 2.0 elements fully integrated. I hope to get to the Calgary conference. Couple of Chicks is looking at featuring our blog as a best practices model. I’ve also mentored several of our tourism operators (such as whale watching companies) into setting up their own blogs. It’s embarrassingly easy, so inexpensive and so brilliantly responsive to trends. Kind regards, Terri

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