Attracting new customers to a travel company

The Globe and Mail’s business incubator gives advice to small business , on how they can improve their bottom line. Recently, the series featured Vancouver’s BikeHike Adventures, a leader in global multisport adventures. The article provided solid advice that can help any small travel operator.

The challenge: Attract new, younger customers. The plan: Become an industry expert through media outreach. The payoff: A new generation of customers ready to travel.

Their advice in a nutshell:

Become an expert. People browse blogs looking for expert opinions about things that interest them. Start a blog, and become the trusted source of information.

Tell your story. A website has to be more than a lot of text explaining what a company does. Use photos and video to present a realistic picture of what you are offering.

Know your outlets. Every small business owner should have their own list of relevant media publications that cover their industry.

Take advantage of awards. If you receive an important industry designation, make sure you tell people.

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