Bootsnall top ten destinations for 2008

Bootsnall recently published its list of top destinations for independent travellers in 2008. The list is:

10 Buenos Aires, Argentina
9 Budapest, Hungary
8 Morocco
7 Chiang Mai, Thailand
6 Imet Gogo, Ethiopia
5 Queenstown, New Zealand
4 Palermo, Sicily
3 Petra, Jordan
2 Belize
1 Nepal

Interesting list, especially with Nepal number 1. I have seen some of the same on other lists, especially Argentina, Marocco and an eastern European destination. But I am a bit surprised at Nepal. I would have chosen a “newer” destination, such as Kyrgyzstan, or even Mongolia.

(via Besthike)

» Bootsnall top ten destinations for 2008


  • By jhoniegudel, February 4, 2008 @ 22:00

    What about Bali and Jogja – Indonesia ..???

  • By Rogier, February 5, 2008 @ 20:00

    I totally agree that Indonesia should be on the list, but I guess that Bootsnall doesn’t agree… Many people are scared to travel to Indonesia because of perceived threats (terrorism, earthquakes, etc), but I think it’s perfectly safe, and people are wonderful. It’s very cheap too boot.

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