Radio tracking wildlife

The BBC has put together Love Earth, a great website on wildlife. The site includes a section on tracking, in which the tracks of various radiotagged wildlife are recorded. Very cool for kids. If only technology had been this far along when I was tracking willow ptarmigan up at Chilkat Pass in NW BC nearly 20 years ago. Of course, willow ptarmigan aren’t as cool as bears and elephants, but still would have been neat to follow them in Google earth, instead of the DOS-based program I had!

Bike Hike adventures

I find that the best tour operators tend to be small companies, run by passionate people who’d love to go on the trips they offer themselves. BikeHike Adventures from Vancouver is one of those companies. National Geographic Adventure magazine recently published a list of the best adventure travel companies in the world, and they agreed – BikeHike is on the list of best outfitters – as second best biking outfitter in the world.

The owner, Trish Sare, is a passionate traveller herself, having travelled and lived all over the world for the past twenty years. Worth checking out for your next adventure.