Snowmobiling along Quebec’s lower north shore

Earlier, I talked about the Relais Nordik, the ship that plies Quebec’s lower north shore in summer. It turns out that an even better way to experience the remote community along this rugged coast is by snowmobile. There is no road in the area, but in winter, they link all communities by snowmobile road, complete with road signs and all. Check out this great article in Canadian Geographic.

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Driving tours in western Canada

GyPSyCanada’s highways are great fun to drive, but you tend to be behind the wheel many hours at the time. You just whizz by towns and sites along the way, often wondering what’s the story behind the sights. No longer – thanks to GyPSy, an innovative GPS-based audio guide. Install the GPS-enabled device in your car, attach it to a small FM receiver, and start driving. Every few minutes, you get a short commentary about some interesting fact or historical figure. And if there is not much to say about the trees along the way, you may get some interesting facts about Canada as a whole. It’s great not only for first-time visitors, but also for locals. Currently they offer commentaries along the main highways of BC and Alberta, as well as city tours of the main cities, in English, French and German. They’re hoping to add additional routes and languages. Great adaptation of GPS technology.