Alternatives to Nalgene bottles

Nalgene PC bottleNow that MEC has pulled all their polycarbonate bottles (including most of the famous Nalgene bottles, right) off the shelf, due to fears over health risks of these bottles, it is time to look for alternatives.But first, how do you know if your favourite bottle is polycarbonate? Just look on the bottom for a #7 recycling logo, often accompanied by PC.

It turns out that #7 types of plastic are the hardest to recycle. HDPE, which is used in the original Nalgene bottles (picture below), is a #2 type plastic, and much easier to recycle. Another good reason to not to buy bottles made from #7 plastics.
Alternatives to polycarbonate bottles

Nalgene HDPE bottleSigg offers stainless steel bottles. Their latest line looks like the Swatch of waterbottles. Create your own favourite design.

(from Ben Miller, on Gravsports) :

1. Guyot Designs Stainless steal bottles. Classy, indestructable, and the only thing better to store liquids in than stainless steel is glass or titanium. [BluePeak: only problem is that they are about twice the weight of a plastic bottle… ]

2. Camelbak just came out with some new Bisephenol-A free bottles. [BluePeak: they are CamelBak Performance bottles, made of a #5 polypropylene]

From Marsha on Besthike:

Swellz offers an interesting alternative – based on the European wine bags. [BluePeak: Although by the looks of it, they’d be hard to clean.]

Guess it is time for an expedition to MEC or REI for some new containers!

» Alternatives to Nalgene bottles

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