MEC pulls Nalgene bottles off shelves

Nalgene PC bottleAccording to an article in the Globe and Mail, MEC has supposedly just pulled all their polycarbonate bottles (including most of the famous Nalgene bottles) off the shelf, due to fears over health risks of these bottles. They are said to leak Bisphenol A into the contents.

But do also read this entry on the Besthike blog and especially the comments. This is a heated debate, with no clear answer either way. Will Gadd offers a good opinion as well. I agree with him: there are good alternatives, so no need to take too much of a risk with PC bottles.

How do you know if your favourite bottle is polycarbonate? See my next posting on alternatives to Nalgene bottles.

» MEC pulls Nalgene bottles off shelves

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  • By Karen, December 8, 2007 @ 11:00

    Thanks for pointing me to your entry! :o)

    I should add that I was talking to someone else and they recommended a Sigg bottle. I’ll look into them as well….

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