Sometimes getting there is half the fun

Cheamakus Canyon from The Whistler Mountaineer’s observation car.On my way back from Whistler this weekend, I decided to take the train. It’s a bit more expensive than the bus, and a bit slower, but it provides a totally different perspective from the road. The train first travels through the spectacular Cheamakus canyon, before passing by the Brackendale eagle reserve en route to the shores of Howe Sound. The journey ends in North Vancouver. All along the way, the views are much better than from the road.

If you want to sit all the way, then the Glacier dome car with worth the extra money, since it has gorgeous large windows. But for a real experience, get the cheaper seat, dress warmly, and spend all your time in the open-sided heritage car. Lean out the side, walk from one side to the other, and touch the trees as you roll by.

The train slows to a crawl at several places along the way, which makes for great photos.

Highly recommended.