Eateries in Yellowknife

People may not see Yellowknife as a hot tourist destination, but it is actually is quite pretty on a sunny summer evening. Perfect setting to rent a kayak and paddle around the harbour.

If you’re hungry upon return, there are some classic options: the fish and chips at Bullock’s Bistro were voted best in Canada in 2006, although the caribou kebabs ain’t bad either. Or try the muskibou burger at the Prospector across the road. For a delectable desert, head to the classic Wildcat cafe (below), in one of Yellowknife’s oldest buildings. I happend to catch a lecture on native clothing there – a perfect setting.

However, the locals would have breakfast at the Gold Range Cafe, right beside the Gold Range hotel. For Asian food, they head to the Vietnamese noodle house. Don’t let the outsides of these eateries fool you; they really do serve good food.

Lecture in the Wildcat Cafe

» Eateries in Yellowknife

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