Widgeon creek paddle and hike

Last weekend we decided to rent a canoe on the Pitt River, just NE of Vancouver. I thought it’d just be for a brief paddle, but little did I know that this is actually one of the best daytrips in the Vancouver area! You rent a canoe from Ayla canoes (rather pricey at $50/day, but it includes life jackets etc.), and paddle across the Pitt River into Widgeon slough and up Widgeon creek, in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park. After about an hour’s leasurely paddle you reach a small campsite. Beach the canoe and walk for about an hour or so to a small waterfall. The creek along the way has gorgeous clear blue water. The falls are great for a picnic. Stroll back, and paddle back to the rental area.

Especially for visitors it’s a great introduction to the area: an easy paddle with stunning mountains as a backdrop, and and easy hike. You could camp at the campsite if you wanted. Highly recommended.

» Widgeon creek paddle and hike

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