Elaho to Meagre Creek Trail

Cesna Creek BridgeMy friend Jason and I decided to check out the Elaho-Meagre Creek trail (Upper Elaho valley, 100km NW of Squamish) last weekend. This trail through the Stoltmann Wilderness traverses some of the last untouched lowland old growth forest in the lower mainland area. Sadly, we didn’t get very far, as the first bridge, across Cesna Creek (also aptly known as Impassable Creek) was out, the victim of a heavy snow load. If our lives had depended on it, we could have probably made it across, but it would have been a hairy crossing. One’d need full mountaineering equipment to belay one another across the bridge.

Instead, we poked around the old growth forest near the trailhead, in a stand of gorgeous old-growth Douglas fir.



» Elaho to Meagre Creek Trail

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