Final Seven Wonders of Canada announced

CBC announced the final seven wonders of Canada today. The wonders are:

  1. The canoe – representing aboriginal mode of transport and our waterways
  2. Igloo – representing the north
  3. Niagara falls – a meeting place for native peoples ans settlers, and still the biggest attraction in eastern Canada
  4. Pier 21 – representing the promise of Canada, and immigration
  5. Prairie skies – representing the west, and also as a great place to see the northern lights
  6. Old Quebec city – representing French culture
  7. Rockies – representing the splendour of the west

The list was meant to represent icons across the country; I think the judges did a pretty good job. Niagara falls is probably the weakest of all, as there are bigger and/or taller waterfalls elsewhere in the world, or in Canada for that matter (like Virginia Falls in Nahanni). But despite the commercialization, it is still a great icon.

Earlier, the judges had created a shortlist of fifteen icons. The eight that had to be dropped were:

  1. Haida Gwaii
  2. Nahanni
  3. Cabot Trail
  4. Gros Morne
  5. Sleeping Giant
  6. The Bay of Fundy
  7. Cathedral Grove
  8. Northern Lights

The CBC has created a website with a lot of additional features, includinc

» Final Seven Wonders of Canada announced

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  • By Jaime, June 8, 2007 @ 9:00

    I think the list is quite interesting, but I am not entirely pleased with it. Internally, i.e. for Canadians, it is quite appropriate I think. The Canoe and the igloo being very representative of Canada. Niagara Falls of course had to be there as the most important natural wonder in the country – perhaps internationally you are right (Victoria Falls, Iguazu), but domestically Niagara Falls are THE Wonder. Quebec City, definitely! Great choice. The Rockies, wonderful. Pier 21, absolutely, an icon of what this open arms country is all about. Prairie skies? I don’t know. It seems like a politically correct choice. Nothing against those awesome skies, but perhaps the Bay of Fundy should have been the other wonder or the Northern Lights or Tofino or the CN Tower for that matter. Well, at least the excercise got many Canadians to pay attention to the numerous wonders available to them. As for international marketing, well, not very commercial choices except for Quebec, the Rockies and The Falls.


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