Final Seven Wonders of Canada announced

CBC announced the final seven wonders of Canada today. The wonders are:

  1. The canoe – representing aboriginal mode of transport and our waterways
  2. Igloo – representing the north
  3. Niagara falls – a meeting place for native peoples ans settlers, and still the biggest attraction in eastern Canada
  4. Pier 21 – representing the promise of Canada, and immigration
  5. Prairie skies – representing the west, and also as a great place to see the northern lights
  6. Old Quebec city – representing French culture
  7. Rockies – representing the splendour of the west

The list was meant to represent icons across the country; I think the judges did a pretty good job. Niagara falls is probably the weakest of all, as there are bigger and/or taller waterfalls elsewhere in the world, or in Canada for that matter (like Virginia Falls in Nahanni). But despite the commercialization, it is still a great icon.

Earlier, the judges had created a shortlist of fifteen icons. The eight that had to be dropped were:

  1. Haida Gwaii
  2. Nahanni
  3. Cabot Trail
  4. Gros Morne
  5. Sleeping Giant
  6. The Bay of Fundy
  7. Cathedral Grove
  8. Northern Lights

The CBC has created a website with a lot of additional features, includinc