Canada’s seven wonders

The CBC has been running a contest around Canada’s seven wonders. First people got to submit their favourite entries. From the 18,000 (!) entries, they created a shortlist of 52 favourites. The public then got a change to vote for their favourite seven wonders from this list. A panel will now choose the top seven, based on the votes and other (unspecified) criteria. The CBC is featuring the wonders on a regular basis on the National, so is getting a lot of traction from them.

The votes for the top seven are in, and the following made the top of the list:

  1. Sleeping giant, Northern Ontario 177,305 (I suspect someone went wild on entries here)
  2. Niagara Falls 64,920.
  3. Bay of Fundy, 67,670.
  4. Nahanni, 64,920.
  5. Northern Lights 61,417.
  6. Rockies, 55,630.
  7. Cabot Trail 44,073.
  8. Gros Morne, 41,034.
  9. Drumheller, 31,828.
  10. Confederation Bridge 27,791.
  11. The CN tower 26,740.
  12. Manitoulin Island (northn Ontario) 25,775.
  13. Quebec city, 20,880.
  14. Stanley Cup, 19,581.
  15. The Canoe, 17,470.

Also near the top: Museum of Civilisation, 15,015, Prairie skies, 14,836, Trans-Canada highway, 14,753, Haida Gwaii 14,501, Iceroads, 14,650, The igloo 11,082.
This list shows that the Canadian icons (Niagara, Bay of Fundy, CN tower, and the Rockies) are still favourites, but it is refreshing to see that a lesser-known park like Nahanni (Virginia falls is twice the height of Niagara!) made the list too. It’s great to see true Canadian icons like the northern lights, the canoe, igloos and the Stanley cup near the top too. It’s too bad Snow didn’t make it to the top 52 (it was one of the original entries). It, (with the canoe, the snowshoe, and the beaver) is certainly played a huge part in shaping Canada, and is one of our primary differentiating factors in tourism.

The final top seven will be announced June 7. If the sleeping giant makes it into the top, it could be a huge boon for tourism around Thunder Bay. I do hope Quebec city makes it too the list, as it is an amazing city, unequalled in north America. And let’s hope the canoe creeps up as well.

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