25 best new adventure trips

Back in November 2006, National Geographic Adventure Magazine did a feature on the 25 best new adventure trips worldwide. Of course they had to stay ahead of Outside’s list.


Bhutan: they list a trip to Merak and Sakten. They are totally correct that this would be a great trip.  The people of Sakten are traditional, nomadic yak herders. The women of Sakten are polyandrous (women marrying more than one man, often brothers). They wear unique yak-hair hats, with spouts designed to keep the rain off their faces.

BC: Paddling around Great bear rainforest and cycling the Okanagan Valley. Both great trips.

NWT: A 14-day trip on the Hornaday River in Tuktut Nogait National Park, run by Black Feather. The trip featues a chance to see a herd of 80,000  caribou that moves through the park each summer. Where do I sign up??

It’s fantastic that out of 25 best new adventure trip, three are in Canada. Goes to show that we are still a major player in the adventure travel category. Indonesia, PNG, and Mongolia or any of the central Asian countries were not mentioned.

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