Planning a trip to the East Coast – II

Yesterday the first two guides arrived: New Brunswick and Newfoundland. I was happily surprised about the speed: one week.

Good: Newfoundland came with an excellent map. Bad: New Brunswick didn’t. So I will have a harder time figuring out where to go in new Brunswick I wasn’t able to select a map for New Brunswick, so no surprise there was no map.

Excellent: the format of the Newfoundland guide. Small, booklet style, thick. It looks like a travel guide more than a traditional vacation guide. Some ads, but tastefully hidden among the editorial and listings. The format surprised me the minute I picked it up. Better yet: the contents: some ideas what to do in 5 days – itineraries, experiences. And very nicely laid out.

Not as good: the New Brunswick guide has all the info, but laid out as a traditional vacation guide with lots of ads. Harder to separate the editorial from the ads.

Good: Today PEI sent me an e-newsletter. Nice touch, useful content. Let’s hope the vacation guide follows soon.

» Planning a trip to the East Coast – II


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