Lonely Planet Bhutan

Lonely Planet Bhutan GuideLonely Planet just announced the new, 3rd edition of their Bhutan guide. Although Francoise Pommaret’s guide has more cultural information, the LP guide still has the most comprehensive travel information.



Canol Heritage Trail

Outpost Magazine (March/April 2007 issue) has a great article about one of Canada’s great treks: the Canol Heritage Trail in the NWT. This 355km trek along an old WWII road/pipeline is not for the faint of heart: if involves several major river crossings, and you aren’t likely to see anone (other than some big grizzlies) along the way. In 2006 only three parties completed the trip. One more reason to take on the challenge.
Some resource sites:

NWT Tourism and Parks
Backpacking the Canol Heritage Trail
Canol Heritage Trail site


CNN just posted an article on “glamping” – glamorous camping. I.e., sleeping in a tent without roughing it. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort near Tofino is used as the primary example of a glamping experience.

Canada first

Another day, another poll. This one, conducted by Globescan, rates Canada as having the most positive rating among citizens from 27 countries. Fifty-four percent of respondents felt that Canada’s influence is mainly positive, while only 14% think it is negative. However, Globescan analysts think this positive view may be due to a lack of awareness about Canada, rather than approval of our international policies.

For tourism, this is good news: we don’t have to sell Canada’s safety and approval ratings. We just need to tell people that there is more to Canada than a high approval rating!

WEF Travel and Tourism Competitive Report

The World Economic Forum just released its Travel and Tourism Competitive Report, ranking 124 countries. Canada fared quite well: it landed a 7th place, well ahead of Australia (13) and New Zealand (14), but behind the US (5). We even received 4th for business environment and infrastructure, but 15th for regulatory framework, and 16th for human, cultural and natural resources. Switzerland and Austria led the pack. Executive Summary.

We ranked #1 on many of the indicators, especially those related to health and safety. However, we did poorly on price competitiveness. Ticket taxes and airport charges, for example, ranked 117th, price competitiveness in T&T industry 110th, and purchasing power parity 100th. Country profile for Canada.

Snowshoeing in Vancouver

When people think of winter on the west coast, they think skiing at Whistler, and possibly at the three local mountains. But what about snowshoeing on Vancouver’s north shore? This sport is gaining popularity, as it is a perfect family sport, costs relatively little, requires little or no training, and is a great workout. Mt. Seymour and Cypress both rent snowshoes. Both mountains also offer some great snowshoe tours: Cypress | Seymour.

If you have your own, you can snowshoe for free in the provincial parks around Cypress and Seymour. If you get up early, the sunrises on Seymour are stunning. You’ll be alone, looking down on a city of 2 million people, wondering why no-one takes the time to come up.

If you want to take snowshoeing a step further, why not sign up for a Yeti snowshoe race? Running on snowshoes is not as hard as it seems, and it’s a great workout!