What to do when it rains on the mountains

Birdwatching in Boundary BayVancouver had a pile of early snow this year, making for some great snowshoeing on the north shore. However, in January, the rains returned to the slopes, bringing up the question of “what else to do in Vancouver”. While most people don’t give the Fraser Delta much thought, it turns out to be one of the biggest shorebird and waterfowl wintering areas on the west coast. And there is no better place to watch them than at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. A small entry fee gets you into the sanctuary, with several well-maintained paths, and over 200 species of birds. And a bonus for photographers, it’s easy to get close to the birds. Sandhill cranes walked to within a couple of meters. Made for some great portraits of ducks. While most people may see this as a local/regional attraction, I met several people from the US there. Birding is a growing experiential product, not only in Europe and north America,but also in Japan.

There are several other good birding areas, including Boundary Bay (pictured above) and Iona Beach Regional Parks.

» What to do when it rains on the mountains

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