Trekking in the high arctic

Few people think of trekking in the high arctic, but Black Feather now offers a 60km trek through Katannilik Territorial Park on southern Baffin, not far from Iqaluit. There is a surprising abundance of flora, and also lots of wildlife. As a bonus, the trip ends with a country meal hosted by a local family, addding a cultural touch to the trip.

Chasing the weather

Nat. Geographic Adventure magazine (March 2007) has an article of (bad) weather-related experiences. It lists Alaska as the place to go for a cold weather tour. I am sure we could come up with something similar in Canada – Dawson City regularly hits -50 in winter!

For storms, Tofino is the place to go. The Wickanninish Inn gets a mention, as does Surf Sister Surf School.

The Quebec ice hotel is mentioned as the place to sleep on ice.