Outside’s 30 best trips

Evrey month another magazine comes up THE definitive best 30 (or 25 or 10) trips of a lifetime. This month is Outside’s turn. I always check if Bhutan, Mongolia and west Papua (Indonesia) are featured, but now of course I have to check how Canada fares. Canada does tend to get at least one trip, and this list was no exception.  I was a bit surprised by the choice, though: surfing in Tofino made it to the new, new places. It’s been on lists before; I would have expected Labrador, or a place in the north.

There were some other interesting trips, though: a 27-day thrip through Patagonia, Houaphan province in Laos and a trek to the source of the Tsangpo in Tibet. Indonesia made the list with a great trip to Mt. Rinjani on the island of Lombok, climbing it via a new route from the south. No matter how you approach the mountain (I climbed it from the north), it offers stunning views.

My favourite, though, is a 31 day ski trek across Greenland – propelled by kites. Very cool. And if it can be done in Greenland, then why not on Ellesmere Island or Baffin? It would make for a great new experience (although admittedly for a niche market!).  And sure enough, they offer a week of kite-skiing around Iqaluit. Count me in!

Bhutan and Mongolia didn’t make the cut in this list. But I’m sure they will in the myriad of other lists that come out every year.

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