West Coast Trail storm damage

The West Coast Trail suffered significant damage in the recent storms. The damage includes two broken cable cars, and the bridge over Logan Creek has been destroyed. This may delay opening of the trail in May. As this year is the 100th anniversary of the lifesaving trail, it would be a shame if it opened late.

Update Feb. 17: I talked to a warden from Pacific Rim NP today, and she mentioned that work is progressing well. They expect to have the damage cleaned up in time for the May 1 opening. Check their website for updates.

Rick over at besthikes.com recently rated the trail as the top hike in the world. Although I think that treks like the Snowman Trek in Bhutan rate higher on a world scale, it is certainly the top trek in Canada.

» West Coast Trail storm damage

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  • By Josh McCulloch, March 18, 2007 @ 12:00

    Hi Rogier, my name is Josh McCulloch, and I’m a Victoria BC based Outdoor Photographer. I am working with Parks Canada on the project of documenting the Damage and Restoration of the West Coast Trail. I have an Outdoor Photography Blog going about the trail damage and repair status that will be updated on a regular basis, and some of the images of the damage can be viewed on my website. I also have a large number of images of the trail from past, lesser damaged years! Let’s all hope the trail opens on time, I’m want to get my 12th trip on the trail!

    West Coast Trail Photos

    Cheers, Josh

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